I’m Here

….I promise…

Hi guys I know I’ve been away for a while, if your’e a uni student I don’t need to explain lol #ExamTime. Even though I’ve not been blogging, I have however been doing weekly vlogs, so I thought I’d share them with you.

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V-Day Look

….Hair & Make up…

Hi guys here is my Valentines day hair and make-up I decided to keep the amount of products I use and overall look quite simple and beginner friendly ( because I’m not a pro gurl). If you follow me on Youtube and Instagram then you would know that I got a tapered cut which I L O V E anyway I hope you enjoy this GRWM.  

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Headscarf Look

…Inspired by Erykah Badu ..

Guys you know I’m forever on my Nubian Queen lifestyle, this headscarf look is basically my go to for everything!!! bad hair days, running late, hair wanting to just finish my life or I’m just feeling the look that day. I had a combination of compliments and request on how I achieved this style, so thought I’d share that with you……

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Beautiful Flaws and all OOTD…..

This is a very special OOTD to me…so you may have seen or heard me talk about one of my biggest insecurities which are my legs and how I wanted to overcome that fear especially this year, well today I got brave lol…

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Day 1 #Blogging 101….hey there I’m Shevelle….

I’m hey whats up hello lol, hi everyone I’m Shevelle, I’m a student,youtuber blogger, artist and Entrepreneur, I’m a bit of a quack I love to listen  to music out loud and dance around. Art is my all time passion and I intended to open my own art gallery one day, if you want to know more about me check out my about section, can’t wait to see what else this blogging101 program have install xx