Headscarf Look

…Inspired by Erykah Badu ..

Guys you know I’m forever on my Nubian Queen lifestyle, this headscarf look is basically my go to for everything!!! bad hair days, running late, hair wanting to just finish my life or I’m just feeling the look that day. I had a combination of compliments and request on how I achieved this style, so thought I’d share that with you……

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 I have designed my earrings for ladies such as myself who like to add a twist of  African/Caribbean culture and boho chic into their style. I really love how colourful and beautiful african print (Ankara) can be and I wanted to incorporate that into my everyday style.

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Earrings line

Earrings line

Hi guys, I’ve started a new earring line, these are my first main pieces regarding shape and patterns. They are African print inspired, hope you like them, if your enquiring contact me at : Shevellerobertsonline@gmail.com also follow me on instagram @sr_earrings