V-Day Look

….Hair & Make up…

Hi guys here is my Valentines day hair and make-up I decided to keep the amount of products I use and overall look quite simple and beginner friendly ( because I’m not a pro gurl). If you follow me on Youtube and Instagram then you would know that I got a tapered cut which I L O V E anyway I hope you enjoy this GRWM.  

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Nubian Queen

….Inspired look for Black History Month…

Hi guys so here in the UK we had black history month in October *yeah I know its November lol* and to celebrate that, me and a youtube friend decided to do a Nubian Tribal Queen inspired look to celebrate Black hair, Black features, Black Beauty and most importantly black empowerment…..

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That kind of day….

Washing brushes!! long for everyone lol, I must say this is one of the things I hate doing its so tedious but unfortunately it has to be done, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret right here I’m terrible with keeping my brushes clean (maybe thats why I’m breaking out) I totally need to be better because ain’t nobody got time for spots.  

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