Headscarf Look

…Inspired by Erykah Badu ..

Guys you know I’m forever on my Nubian Queen lifestyle, this headscarf look is basically my go to for everything!!! bad hair days, running late, hair wanting to just finish my life or I’m just feeling the look that day. I had a combination of compliments and request on how I achieved this style, so thought I’d share that with you……

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London’s Calling….

London's Calling
Outside the venue for the last day of London Fashion Week, thinking I’m a model lol

I decided to take a trip to London the other day to explore, most of the times I go London its for shopping and visiting family so this time I wanted it to be different. What I loved about my visit was that I got to chance to catch the last day of London Fashion week. Even though I didn’t buy a ticket to go and see the shows, I just wanted to check out the venue and see if I saw anyone interesting, which I did yayy me lol (@theslumflower).

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