Graduation OOTD…..

Hi guys so my best friend, thats my best friend she finaaa oo graduated the other day lol so I thought I’d share my OOTD which was perfect for occasions like this or other formal events where you want to still look cute and sophisticated….

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#MM….NEW fitness Journey

(Yeah I know its not Monday lol, I had some internet problems yesterday, sorry! ) Ok so as you can see I’m not too good that this fitness thing long, but I’m not going to give up. I’ve decided to start yet another fitness joinery and its to lose 10lbs in six weeks……

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Beautiful Flaws and all OOTD…..

This is a very special OOTD to me…so you may have seen or heard me talk about one of my biggest insecurities which are my legs and how I wanted to overcome that fear especially this year, well today I got brave lol…

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That kind of day….

Washing brushes!! long for everyone lol, I must say this is one of the things I hate doing its so tedious but unfortunately it has to be done, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret right here I’m terrible with keeping my brushes clean (maybe thats why I’m breaking out) I totally need to be better because ain’t nobody got time for spots.  

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