8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. HI Shevelle
    Lovin’ your style and creativity, are you able to do hair for someone based in north london or are you supper busy? Im lovng your faux locs.


  2. Hi,

    My name is Parth Mehta, project manager of Field Global Market Research.

    We are an international Market Research company and currently conducting a research on Hair Vloggers in UK. A leading global hair care products manufacturer needs your help to create a high impact, dynamic demos for use in store, online, on social media and for you in static publications. They’re looking for engaged and creative influencers and Vloggers to help demonstrate the benefits of conditioners to those not currently using them.
    The ideas generate by our selected Vloggers will be shared with the global team, and given to consumers for further feedback.

    We have shortlisted your profile from UK and are looking to gain some valuable insights from you. For all your precious help and insights we will provide you an honorarium of £175 as a token of appreciation.

    Kindly provide us your confirmation on this email so that we can share further details with you and explain the entire procedure to participate in the survey.

    Looking forward to hear back from your end soon.


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