Lets Talk Jamaica!

If you read my NEW YEAR NEW ME post then you should know that I went Jamaica this year for a bit…..

I’m back now so lets catch up, I’ve got a ton of vlogs to show you guys so make sure you are subscribed to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and turn on your post notifications to know when a new video is out.

I’ve got two of my vlogs here for you guys to enjoy and make sure you head over to my channel to watch my most recent one as well


I’m going to let you in on the exclusive because my youtube subbies don’t know yet. I will be uploading my vlogs on Mondays so for the next couple of weeks every Monday, you’ll get to follow my journey in Jamaica. make sure your guys are there 7:30pm GMT.


I know you enjoyed those two vlogs so head over to my channel to watch the third one, ‘Did you just say DRUGS?’ 


🌸Come look fe me:

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I hope you enjoy this post, don’t forget to follow this BLOG  and check out my  YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

pssst don’t forget:  “You are Beautiful, Loved and Unique, thats why you are you!!” SR


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