You know those moments when your thoughts get jumbled up and you have to press the reprogram button…

This is such an important message, we need to learn how to program our minds for success. Its crazy because I was just having a similar conversation with Barbs this morning about how I can see the difference in myself between last month and this month. Last month I was sailing high on the optimism boat, I was coming up with new ideas, it was my birth month, I’d booked my flight to Jamaica, I had a different mentality. As a result of that I looked better, I was happier even though I was dealing with issues, I didn’t let them affect me and I was excited for the new year.

However I’ve noticed a change in my mood during this month and I kept questioning myself about where it was coming from, I know part of it was because I noticed that I’d gained whatever weight I’d loss over December and January which was making me feel crap about myself (I know, I know thats a topic for another day). Also I was focusing on all the things I haven’t done with my business, youtube, plans I had for Jamaica and it was all getting to me, so instead of trying to find solutions I kept drowning in the sea of my lack of accomplishments, which impacted my whole mood and vibe. I’ve been trying to watch one Ted Talk all last week and I finally did it today, which I’m so happy I did, especially this one in particular.

It was exactly what I needed to hear, even though I know these things, sometimes its good to have an external reminder to get yourself back on track. I’ve came to the realisation that 98% of the times I’m all over the place and in the past, I used to beat myself up for not doing certain things or letting my emotions take over. But, with time I’m learning that, this is a process, I need to stop being so hard on myself and program my mind to be more positive and address those times when I’m not doing my best with acceptance instead of chastising myself for failing. I’m learning to program my mind for acceptance then success, I need to accept the fact that I’m a very emotional person and they heavily impact my mood, therefore if I focus on seeing that as a positive trait instead something that holds me back, I can then work on my thought process, do things to feed positivity into my aura, and use my emotional self to my advantage because I fully believe that once I master that, the possibility of what I can achieve is limitless.

I hope you guys find some inspiration from this video, see you guys tomorrow x

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