Hello 2017 #OOTD 


Who’s coming into the new year slaying…..

MOM Jeans: RiverIsland  Belt: NewLook 


I went to my friends baby shower (which was beautiful) and I wasn’t sure how to dress because I did’t know the dress code or how this UK weather wanted to behave, so I opted for a dressy casual look.

Jacket: Primark   Headscarf: Njubien Shop (coming soon)

I took my hair out of the crochet braids and hadn’t washed my hair yet, so headscarf it was. I literally wear headscarfs like 6 days out of the week, mainly because I cant be bothered to do my hair or because I’m forever on my Njubien lifestyle.

You might as well call me the headscarf lady. 

Someone at church actually said to me that they’ve never seen my natural hair because I’ve always got my hair up in some form of scarf style. So as I said #headscarflady 😊

Top: RiverIsland 

I loved how this look turned out, I felt like it was spring/summer time with the colours. This whole look was based of my jacket, which I got from Primark for £10 might I add #bargain. I tired to keep all my colours in the same pallet and opted for these light MOM jeans because they worked really well with my jacket.


If you haven’t read my New Year, New Me? post yet, you should! A major goal for this year is to be happy and smile more, this picture is an example of how I want to be all the time, thats why its my favourite out the all of them.

Heels: NewLook 


I hope you guys like this outfit and get some inspiration from the look, see you guys in my next post x


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