January Favourites 2017

Yeah I know January has literally just started, but the thing is, I have stuff that I’m loving too much already #holygrails


Lets get started..

Superdrug Blending Sponge 


I’ve never used a beauty blender before, but I love the Real Techniques beauty sponges. As I was looking around Superdrug for a new one because the last one was a hot mess, I came across these sponges that sold 2 in a pack for the same price as one RT sponge, so I thought why not. The sponge is pretty good, it expands well and is great with blending my makeup, the only thing I’m not too keen on is that it stains and I’ve noticed on the 3rd or 4th time washing it, it was bleeding a bit.

100% African Shea Butter 


If you have been keeping up with my blog or Youtube channel then you know Shea butter is my best friend. Now that winter is here in full force, dry skin and hair are trying to plague my life, but with Shea butter I’m like hell nawww, not today satan. Check out my Whipped Shea butter blog post if you want to know about the benefits of Shea butter plus a handy DIY.


100% Tea Tree Oil



Tea Tree oil is the answer to all your problems, I like to add tea tree oil to my whipped Shea butter mix, on break outs on my face, cuts, rashes or a few drops in my bath. Its just amazing I love it.



LA Girl Pro.Conceal Concealer (Chestnut)


I love these concealers, I alternate between, toffee, fawn and chestnut. However recently Chestnut has been my absolute go to. I work 40hrs a week and I tend to wear little makeup if any at all during that time. For those days when I’m feeling/looking extra tired, I like to put a bit of chestnut under my eyes to even out my skin tone. This shade is basically the same shade as my skin which is great because it blends in seamlessly with my complexion.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 


Kimmeyyyyy I love you forever. I got this as a christmas present from my sister and I can’t get enough of it, well I can because I’m not trying to use it all out too quickly. Anyway back to the spray, its bae we are besties, my makeup doesn’t budge when I use this and the dewy glo I get is just sensational.


Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder (Medium 03)


I’ve always wanted to try this powder but never got round to it, I accidentally spilled pretty much all of my sleek loose powder and since then I’ve be rationing what was left. I went into my local beauty/hair shop, saw this powder and thought, its now or never, I was apprehensive because I wasn’t able to look at the powder against my skin to figure out the best shade. I opted for medium and its perfect for setting my highlight (thank you Jesus). I would say its similar to the Sacha buttercup powder shade, but I bit more on the orange side (I want to also try in the future) but 1/3 of the price. I think I might even invest in a darker shade for setting the rest of my face.

Matalan (Home Store) Coconut and Vanilla Candle 


I’m an insense and candle burner/enthusiast I particularly love the Yankee candles, but those bad boys can get pricey real quick. I came across this candle in Matalan for £3 and I wasn’t sure if it would be good considering the price. Let me just tell you something, who’s buying yankee candles anymore unless I’m feeling extra not me jack. I get 3 candles for the price of one yankee candle and this particular sent it just heavenly.

Tea Tree Facial Wipes 

I got these wipes at christmas, I have seen them somewhere but I can’t remember where, a part of me is saying Bodycare but I’m not sure.  I need to find out because they are perfect, as I said before I don’t wear makeup to work or if I do its a bit of concealer. These are great for cleaning and refreshing my face at the end of the night when I can’t be bothered to wash my face. I like to use them in the morning too before I wash my face to removed any excess oil build up from the night before.



Listen, I rebuke dry lips in the name of Jesus, as you can tell I have big lips and big dry lips is a big no no. Carmex is the only thing that has been holding down for forth for me. oils like coconut works too but not as long or as effective as my trusty carmex does. I’m that obsessed with the fear of dry lips that, if I accidentally leave my carmex at home *after my mini meltdown* I’ll go a buy a new one, sometimes I have like three different tubes at a time because of this.

There you have it, let me know if any of these are in your current favourites as well x

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