Lazy Sunday

Who noticed the clocks went back today?

I woke up this morning after numerous whatsapp notifications (group chat problems) with the goal of doing so much. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with everything that I need to do/ want to do/ trying to do, so I’ve been trying to break myself into the habit of writing lists down in my diary and setting daily tasks to complete.

Listen when I tell you that its been a struggle life. Yesterday I was on it, I did so much, made  plans, found out some good news and just overall felt inspired. But today the laziness has just struck, I haven’t fully completed one of the tasks on my list and the day is just going away.

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that horrible feeling in my body brewing again because I’ve been on social media too long. You know how it goes, “oh let me see what the gram world is saying, reply to my messages etc” 3 hours later, now been on youtube, Facebook, twitter etc “I need to up my vlogging game, I need to take better pictures, why don’t I have enough YT views, blah blah blah“Its just crazy how you can feel yourself going into that rut gain.

I actually think I need to limit my social media time during the day because it can really affect how I’m feeling, I went from feeling motivated to now not thinking I’m good enough. Then to make matter worse as I’m here talking myself out this nonsense vibe that I’m in, I get a notification from a random person calling one of my videos boring. I’m a fairly small youtuber, I haven’t really experience hate or anything like that on my channel yet, I’ll get a few dislikes here or there but nothing serious like what I see on the pages of others. When I saw this comment my first reaction was “who the hell are you, who forced you to watch my video” so I went on the persons page and saw that they had nothing up. Seeing this just resinated something with me and its the fact that, you are going to come across people like this #KeyBoardWarriors who wants to hate for no reason. But the key is to not let it get to you.

I think this came at the perfect time, as I said,  I was feeling crappy about myself and I could have made that small insignificant comment ruin my mood and even add to my insecurities. But in that moment, I was just like girl you is da bomb dust that off your shoulders and move on.

Don’t really know where this post is going, you guys know this by now, I’m all over the place. I’m here in my bed with a whole list of things to do, so I’m gonna get up and do that. On a plus side  one of them is ticked of (* write daily blog posts )

Catch you guys tomorrow.

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