Yesss it’s the end of the week and I’m well happy 

Listen linda I get so happy when I see the weekend it means I  can have have a full lay in tomorrow, but fortunately that won’t be the case tomorrow because your girl got herself a little job, WE THANK GOD, its not a permanent thing but any job is good for me right now.

Anyhoo I’m just at uni in their new beautiful Arts building looking for more jobs and trying to upload a video on my youtube channel, this video is really trying to be an enemy of progress. I swear every time I post about uploading a vid on my instagram before I upload the video to youtube, when it comes to uploading  the video, youtube tries to play me , but not today satan.

ooo guess what the video uploaded, told you not today satan, anyway guys gonna go, gotta find jobs and edit some more, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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