Guys I’m back, yeah I know I was suppose to be posting everyday, but the thing is, this clever girl here decided to use up all her data when there was no wifi in the house so any type of social interaction disappeared.

I even had Barbs asking me what happened, anyhoo I’m currently on the bus to uni, I had my first assessment of the year this week, crazy right and I joined a society at uni

Right so what’s shevy been up to whilst she’s been MIA:

I put faux locs back in the #NubianIsBack

I failed. By that I mean I kind of slacked of with my responsibilities in particular my shop and my YouTube. But I’m trying to have a different outlook on life from here on out and my new motto is IF YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL, FAIL FAST (Thanks Patricia Bright) So I’ve failed and luckily fast and now I’m gonna get back at it. I need to start taking risk and really fling myself in the deep end. This is like what my art teacher was telling me in my life drawing class, she was basically saying how she could tell that I was holding back with my drawing, it showed that I knew what to do, but I was being too scared and she was just like go for it, the worse thing that can happen is that it doesn’t look good. There is always a lesson in your mistakes. As I write this post I’m just realising that everything that had happened over the past 3-4 weeks have led me to this point of just striving everyday to be unapologetically myself.

I’m still jobless so anyone reading this and want to give me a job, holla at your girl shevelleRobertsOnline@gmail.com

I am now officially a DMU stepper!! I made a promise to myself that this time round at uni I was going to get involved, join societies that I like and get myself out there. The crazy thing is I saw the DMU steppers perform about 2 years ago when I was doing a play, I think I have the vlog on my channel actually, and I was well gel that my uni didn’t do something like that. As soon as I found out I was going DMU I was like heyy heyyahhh nobody cah stop me get ina de steppas and #theydidnt
So that’s that main things that have happened to my so far as from today the daily posts are back on

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