Tuesday 13 October 2016

Can we just talk about how sweet the weather is today, 28 degrees, UK you are doing things for me, I was losing hope with you but you came through………

Hiya guys how are you all doing today, thought I’d start a little daily reflective open diary shindig on my blog where I just talk about whatever’s on my mind to be honest. I’m one of those over-thinkers and insomnia is real, I have so much going on in my brain that I can push to the back of my head during the day BUT as soon as night time comes and I need to go bed it’s a big ole wrap. I start thinking about how I still don’t know how to drive and the age of 22, still can’t find a job, don’t have my own flat yet and just nonsense things like do that boy really like me lol.

I’ve heard and read that its good to write down how you’re feeling because it helps to release that baggage, so that is exactly what I’m going to do from now on. I’m going to start off by trying to do it for a month consistently and see where it goes from there.

Pause: Can you guys wish my baby sister a happy birthday it’s her first birthday today! I can’t actually believe that she’s one already.

I’ve started uni if you guys didn’t know  but I’m part time so I’m in from Wednesdays to Fridays. Today was suppose to be a day of going to town and running a few errands but its already 1:50pm and I still haven’t made it out my house, so thats looking like a miss. In all honestly I’m not really that bothered because the weather is so good and I’m trying to be a good little house girl and get all the washing done so they can dry, plus I’m going to see my little sister around 4 so its like whats the point.

Because I’m a serial hot mess, my life is always over the place, but hopefully that’s all going to change very soon. I got myself two diaries one for everyday and the other for uni and last night I spent some time creating a timetable now that I know my uni schedule so that I can organise my life.

Anyway guys I’m going off on a tangent, just thought I’m come let you guys know the delio and hopefully as this goes on yourguys don’t think I’m crazy ahah.

Pssst btw (I like a boyyyy but I’ll tell you guys more about that at a later date)

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