Avocado Mask

….DIY at home hair treatment…

Hey guys, I decided to make my own avocado hair mask to repair my hair after it being in a protective style (chunky twist)



I loved this mask because all the products I used were things I had laying around the house or use on a daily basis (eggs, oils) and as someone on a budget #aintnobodygottime to be buying new things.  To be honest, knowing the person that I am, I wash my hair at least once every two weeks and because it is coloured, I have to treat it more often. So yeah I might buy the products one time out of excitement, but if I have to keep doing that all the time the novelty will definitely wear off. If I can literally go to my kitchen and whip up a quick hair mask, my life is made, my hair loves me, I love me, just a whole love bandwagon.

If you want know the know the benefits of the oils I used in the video check out my DIY WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER post.

If you want to try a simple but effective at home hair treatment, check out my DIY HAIR MAYO TREATMENT 

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