Nubian Queen

….Inspired look for Black History Month…

Hi guys so here in the UK we had black history month in October *yeah I know its November lol* and to celebrate that, me and a youtube friend decided to do a Nubian Tribal Queen inspired look to celebrate Black hair, Black features, Black Beauty and most importantly black empowerment…..

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pssst don’t forget “You are beautiful, loved and unique, thats why you are you!” SR

3 thoughts on “Nubian Queen

  1. This is amazing to see, really beautiful effect. I really love the head piece, I think maybe you made it yourself, but it is a very Queen like effect.
    I have not heard of black history month before?


      1. OK, I understand now. I will try to remember and celebrate next October😊 I try to look up Nubian Queen also, but result was confusing.


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