Shopping OOTD…..

Yeah I know right you must be thinking jumper in the SUMMER?? On a normal summers day I would be thinking the same thing, BUT and that is a big but lol this is ENGLAND……

As I said before this is England and the weather is so confusing over here, rain one minute, shine the other, wind, hail the whole shebang, ok ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit but this weather is a yoyo. I went town the other day because I needed to pick up a few things, the day before (which was nice a sunny)  I picked out a cute summer outfit as I thought the good weather would continue the next day.

On the day now, the weather thing on my phone is telling me it’s going to rain, in addition to that, its cloudy outside and my grandma is warning me to “remember to pick up the clothes from outside before you leave because its going to rain and I don’t want the clothes to wet up” *Jamaican Accent*. Now with all this into consideration, that cute summer outfit was no longer an option, therefore I opted for this lovely jumper I got from H&M, ripped jeans from TopShop and cute inexpensive sandals from Primark. Both the necklaces were from Ebay, the black leather bag is from BHS and the shopping bag is from one of those bargain shops. I actually have two of them lol this one and another say ‘shopping in my workout’. 

Please tell me where the rain was, when I was in town, saying I was bunnin’ up *JA Accent* is an understatement, even though the weather wasn’t as good as the day before, it was still decent for England that is. So I was here already drawing attention to myself with my two huge buns at the top of my head looking like a Nubian Mickey mouse, then in addition wearing a big ass winter jumper around people in  sleeveless tops and shorts.

*when you don’t have a photographer on deck, you have to make do with a selfie stick to take your pictures*

So here’s my winter looking summer OOTD lol……

I hope you liked the look, talk to you guys in my next post

Shevelle xx

psttt don’t forget “you are beautiful loved and unique, thats why you are you!

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