kicking It Old School OOTD….

Hey guys my friend celebrated her birthday on Saturday and she did an old school roller skating theme, oh my days it was so much fun… well the times I could balance that is….

I’m not going to lie I was feeling myself that day, channeling every kind of old school Nubian queen with my slick down baby hairs and braids. The funny thing is, I was panicking a bit about what to wear because I’m home and I’m literally living out a suitcase as all my clothes…*sobs*… the rest of my clothes are in storage, in a different town where I go uni!! (yeahh I know right #stress) so I didn’t have all the fire fire clothes that I wanted for this look so I had to just make do with what I had.

The top was actually in some way a DIY as I brought it as a spaghetti crop top from primark, firstly the straps were a bit too big and secondly  wearing it normally didn’t give me the desired look I was aiming for.  I decided to cross the right strap over my head and do the same with the left then tadaaaaa. I was happy how it turned out and the fact that I only paid like £1.50 for this top  was a win win situation, also I’m pretty sure tops with this style are way more than just £1.50 *even from primarni lol*

*Tip for you guys, if you don’t want to spend extra money just for this style do what I did lol and you probably can get two tops for the price of one* 

Let me know if you want a tutorial on my make-up look, I hope you liked this outfit, see you guys in my next post


Shevelle xx


Top: Primark

Mom Jeans: River Island

Converse: JD

Shirt: Topman

Earrings: (Sharieli my earrings line )

Small necklace: River Island

Body Chain: Ebay


psttt remember “you are beautiful, loved and unique, thats why you are you!

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