#T4T…Summer OOTD…….

Hey guys check out my quick summer OOTD video…

I know you all were feeling that heatwave last week because boy!! I was feeling it I literally could not leave my house until after 6 in the evening and I was still hot, anyway my hair was being a pain and I needed to run some quick errands so I threw on this quick OOTD which looked cute and was practical for me on the go. The slit back allowed ventilation and free movement which was FANTABULOUS in this sticky situation. I wore jeans which are usually bad for hot weather, however they had some dangerous holes/slits lol which were also great for movement and ventilation. I am loving my heels from public desire and I’m trying to incorporate cute little summer heels like this into my summer everyday look. This headscarf is just the bomb, I got it from H&M about 2-3 years ago and I still get compliments on it. What I love about this headscarf is the different colours, it allows you to play around with statement lips and clothes, for this particular day I decided on the lips because hayfever is the enemy #TRUTH and I don’t wear eye make-up often during this time to prevent irritation, this left my face looking bland and bold lips it was!

psssst Remember “you are beautiful, love and unique, thats why you are you!”

Shevelle xx

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