Hi guys, I thought it would be fun to set myself an exciting challenge of posting something everyday from Sunday to Friday but with a theme, for example ‘Sunday Funday’…..

Sunday Funday

self explanatory lol, I’m going to make it a mission to do something fun no matter how big or small and let you guys know about it

Motivational Mondays 

This might just be a quick quote or post for that start of the week motivation. There are so many memes going around about how rubbish Mondays are lol because we are all back into the working life but STOP THINKING LIKE THAT be positive, invite positivity into your week!

Two for Tuesdays

A new thing I like doing is uploading two Youtube videos at a time so I thought why not make it a thing, however it will not always be two videos it might be a video and a post.

Women Wednesdays

Women wednesdays are all about the EMPOWERMENT of women, which I’m all for on a daily basis anyway but Wednesdays will be the day of shining that extra light on it.

Throw back Thursdays 

Well we all know what throw back Thursdays are about, I’m going to implement this on my blog by just reposting my old post that I love or someone else’s that I liked or just talking about something in my past.

Feature Fridays 

Feature Fridays are all about reposting bloggers/youtubers that I like, just basically showing love to the people I love to watch or even a post that I read and I found interesting.

pssttttt remember ‘you are beautiful, loved and unique thats why you are you!’ 

Shevelle xx

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