Beautiful Flaws and all OOTD…..

This is a very special OOTD to me…so you may have seen or heard me talk about one of my biggest insecurities which are my legs and how I wanted to overcome that fear especially this year, well today I got brave lol…

I don’t want to make this a long post about my life and my struggles with embracing my legs so instead I want to make it about celebration. I am celebrating what a wonderful and confident person I am growing in to and in all honestly its God that have brought me here by the wonderful people he allowed me to encounter that have elevated his love and just being there for me when I needed him the most.


Jacket- River Island Mens (my dads lol)


Shorts- Sheinside

Bag- BHS

Converse- JD

I know some people may think I’m silly for being insecure about stretch marks and scars on my legs when there are other people with worse things to think about. My response to this is yeah to some degree I agree, but thats what I’m working on, changing how I view certain things in life and focusing on the what really counts. However that doesn’t mean you should judge someone, because everyone has their demons and insecurites and eventually (like myself) they will learn that they are BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL and feafully made FLAWS AND ALL. I Love you guys, do something that scares you and if you don’t hear this too often “you are beautiful, loved and unique, thats why you are you!” SR

Shevelle xx


Headscarf- some random cheap shop (I got it for a £1 talk about bargain)

Earrings- SR Earrings of course (website coming out soon don’t worry)

Sun Glasses- EBay (because I’m the EBay queen)


click to make the pictures bigger…

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