Hi guys long time right, sorry I’ve been busy with uni, anyway so this post is a little different, I just wanted to vent about the things I’m feeling tbh.

The Unknown!! at the moment I’m so confused to what I want to do or what is going to happen with EVERYTHING!! uni, life, job, just the whole shebang.

Firstly, l’m in limbo to whether I’m going to graduate this year, which surprisingly I’m not upset about as I actually feel like I’ll be happier graduating next year.

Secondly, I don’t have the foggiest to what job I should be applying for, I know that I want to work in art and fashion but I don’t know the roll you know. Also with this, I have my own business to consider so therefore the job I find can’t take up all my time (decisions, decisions ).

Thirdly,  where to live, ideally I would love to live in London but this student loan and no concrete job lifestyle is a killer, I wouldn’t last a week in London lol (actual teats rolling)

And Finally, you know that feeling of confusion, yup thats me, in my head I know what I want to go (kinda) but I just don’t know how to make it happen. If any of you know that feeling or have any tips for me please share, I’m in desperate need, thankssss

Singed a confused 21 year old…

BTW.. faux septum ring from lamoda uk 

Shevelle xx

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