Vlogging With Shevy #7 London…ACLT…Lydiaaa

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Hi guys so I went london for the ACLT event they had to encourage people to join the bone marrow register as you know I already did a video on this charity (HERE) and it was great to go and find out more about them.

I also met up with Lydia (Lydia Dinga) for the first time lol but you wouldn’t think that seeing the video I had so much fun we are officially besties now and met another youtuber Theresa (hey gurll) I’ll leave all the important links below also look out for part 2!
Shevelle xx




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3 thoughts on “Vlogging With Shevy #7 London…ACLT…Lydiaaa

  1. Would have loved to been along, looked like you’s had lots of fun even when lost haha. Love the white jeans❤️ They are a favourite of mine too.
    Btw I know one of your friends😊


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