‘Being African Caribbean means’ that if I were to ever need a bone marrow transplant, I would struggle to find a matching donor. There are 200 times more White Northern European people willing to donate than those of African Caribbean descent, because of this if an African Caribbean person needed a lifesaving bone marrow transplant they would have less than a 20% chance of finding the best match.

Hi guys this is a different post from my usual content but I wanted to share some information with you and bring awareness to a great charity that supports Afro-Caribbean people with leukaemia. I hope you find this information helpful, please go and check out their links and SHARE!!!! this post and video to spread the word, thanksss

psssst… if you want to add to the convo on Twitter and Instagram #BeingAfricanCaribbean 

Shevelle xx


There is an extreme lack of Caribbean’s on the bone marrow register and so the ACLT Charity and Anthony Nolan have launched a project called ‘Being African Caribbean Means..’ with the aim of encouraging 1000 Caribbean 16-30 year olds to sign up to the bone marrow register by March 2015. Registering is as simple as giving a saliva sample! Read more about this project and how to register here: www.anthonynolan.org/africancaribbean


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This is what ‘Being African Caribbean means’ to me.. What does it mean to you? Share your own thoughts, definitions and stories. Why not make your own video titled ‘Being African Caribbean means…’?

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