I was inspired by a blogger that I follow to create a bucket list, however my twist on it, is that these are the things I want to achieve by the end of 2015!! I thought it would be fun to challenge myself each year to do certain things I’ve always wanted to do, as bucket lists in general can take years to achieve and “aint nobody got time for dat”

1. Graduate with a first class or two one 

2. launch the online shop for my earrings line 

3. Have an exhibition with the topic “being African Caribbean means to me..”

4. Visit Italy 

5. Get my licence and buy a car

6. Create two official savings accounts, one for my range rover 😉 and the other towards a house 

7. Go out my house in shorts during the day without tights 

8. Reach a minimum of 2000 subscribers on my youtube channel 

9. Take my Grandparents on a boat in Jamaica (or plan for the following year)

10. Join an organisation or create my own for the empowerment of young women

11. Achieve my 5 targets for 2015

12. Start meditating 


let me know what is on your bucket list, you never know I might me inspired to add a few to my own list for this or next year

Shevelle xx

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