Turtle Bay…..

So today I FINALLY went to a caribbean restaurant called Turtle Bay, I’m Jamaican and I love my caribbean food so my friends recommended that I try turtle bay so I eventually had to opportunity to. I went with my little sister and even before I had a chance to enjoy the food I was captivated by the view, the layout in the shop was AMAZING!! it reminded me so much of those shops back in Jamaica on the roadside.

The music and vibes in the restaurant was perfect, the walls were filled with so much culture, they has posters of Bob Marley and other caribbean artist and my favourite part was a wall that was solely created by speakers, stereos and boom boxes which I loved because it reminded me of Jamaica when they would keep dances (events) and there would always be a wall that was pretty much covered with massive speakers.

In addition to this there were printed posters and art on the wall that resembles the clubs and bars in Jamaica. Before I had even tasted the food I was already impressed, then the food came, from the way my little sister ate everything I knew that I didn’t even need to ask her if the food tasted nice. I had their jerk chicken rap with fries, the wrap was just music in my mouth, whilst deciding what I wanted I saw that they put coconut shavings into the rap and I was a little bit apprehensive about that, but I must say it gave it a different twist and it tasted so good. the chips were lovely as well and the plantain…hmmmm the plantain!! you know I love plantain and they were just right for me.

My overall experience was really good I enjoyed it, I definitely want to go again and have a proper dinner like rice and peas and chicken to see if they live up to my uncle and grandma’s standards lol.

I took some pictures so check them out in my gallery below, see you guys in my next post

Shevelle xx

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