I have designed my earrings for ladies such as myself who like to add a twist of  African/Caribbean culture and boho chic into their style. I really love how colourful and beautiful african print (Ankara) can be and I wanted to incorporate that into my everyday style.

I feel like clothing and bags made from Ankara is a fast growing trend especially as african print has made its way into main stream fashion. I love seeing outfits made from Ankara but I knew that it wouldn’t be incorporated into my everyday uni look,  so I felt that accessories (earrings in my case), would link my personal style and love for ankara together.

NYARAI Earrings from my collection. @sr_earrings
NYARAI Earrings from my collection. @sr_earrings


These are the NYARAI earrings from my collection, this fabric is very vibrant and can easily be the statement piece of an outfit. Here is an example of how you can style these earrings



All large hoops are £5, but don’t worry for those who are not a fan of large hoops, I am in the process of creating smaller hooped earrings and stud earrings so look out for those very soon.

For requests or orders email me  at shevellerobertsonline@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “NYARAI EARRINGS

    1. ohh no maybe you should try using x-pression hair thats what I did with mine and I’ve had them in for about a month now and they kept up really well. I’ve got a tutorial on how I did mine if you want to check it out and try for yourself.


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