London’s Calling….

London's Calling
Outside the venue for the last day of London Fashion Week, thinking I’m a model lol

I decided to take a trip to London the other day to explore, most of the times I go London its for shopping and visiting family so this time I wanted it to be different. What I loved about my visit was that I got to chance to catch the last day of London Fashion week. Even though I didn’t buy a ticket to go and see the shows, I just wanted to check out the venue and see if I saw anyone interesting, which I did yayy me lol (@theslumflower).




I’ve been wanting to go London for a while now just to familiarise myself and get some inspiration for my exhibition that I’m planning and I must say I was beyond inspired in Camden. The funny thing is by the time I reached Camden most of the markets and shops were closed but, there was still so much to look at and admire such as the art on the stalls as you can see in my video. I left Camden wanting more, feeling excited and planing my next trip, which was exactly what I wanted to achieve from my visit to London.

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I feel like this visit has allowed me to capture London in a different way and I love it, I want to make visiting London a regular thing. My mission for my next visit in to catch Camden market in full and try to check out some abstract art galleries.

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  • Chiddy

Insta: theslumflower

  • Samantha Ria (Stylist)


  • Ben Francis

Insta: RTIZT

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