What I got up to/ OOTD…..

So Saturday I decided to visit my local gallery/museum and I loved it, I love going to galleries in general as I feel they give me motivation and inspiration to think outside the box when it comes to my own work.

I also briefly went to the Northampton’s food and drink festival which is about celebrating and promoting drinks and food that are sold and manufactured in Northampton. They had a variety of things to offer such as ice-cream gin, beer etc. I even had to opportunity to speak to a member from the Phipps Northampton Brewery company which was interesting as he told me a brief history of the company and all the different flavours of beers, If you are a beer person and live within the midlands be sure to check them out, they have a variety of acquire flavours to try.

After a looking around the gallery I went out to have a quick bite, I decided to go to Franks Hamburger House and try somewhere new. The food was delicious!! I had a common burger (beef, bacon, salsa and cheese) and fires, oh my days they had bottomless fries which was great lol. I’ve never tasted fries that good, forget peri-peri fries they were crispy and seasoned so well that I ordered more. I feel like this is going to be my go to place from now on in Northampton.
this is basically what I got up to, outfit detail below…

Denim shirt- Superdry (mens)
Jeans-Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Random boutique (Northampton)
Bag- D.I.Y using the Shola print from my earrings line
sorry can’t remember where I got my necklace from I think its New Look or Miss Selfridge.

Hope you liked this post, shevelle xx

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