Hi guys so as you can see from the title this post is going to be about my fitness. ok lets get into this chit chat, since I came into second year at uni I was like “I’m gonna be a fitness freak, join the gym, have that summer bodayyyyyy 365 days of the year” well ermmmm well about that, it was going good  I joined the gym I was ‘trying’ to eat healthy and I began to see results which felt AMAZING!!! I then decided that I would set my self goal to lose a certain amount to weight then just maintain it. which crashed and burned, course work got real exams got real and I got LAZYYYYY.

Fast forward to the present I have basically put back on the weight that I lost so sad face for me, in order to change this I’ve decided that I’m going to be more determined than before, I’m going into third year in september and I’m on a self growth mission to take control of my life and I personally feel that it starts with the biggest issue that I have right now and that is body confidence.

I struggle with insecurities regarding my body which has held me back in the past so now I’m on a mission to change that. From the first of July I’ve decided to fast for a month and cut out sweets, crisps, chocolates and takeaways from my diet. I have also decided to go gym everyday (can’t have that money coming out my account and I’m not using it…oohhhh gurllll I’m not crazy lol) and in addition to that try and do a home work out videos at least 4 days in the week.

I’m so determined to be successful this time round

Comment down below if any of you struggle with the same issues as me or on a journey like me, we could do it together 😀 OR if you have any tips for me THANKSSSS xx

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